Photo Contest

Meet the Judges

Cobble Company
Chelsea Miller
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Laura Dewey
Duke Russel

Cobble Company Studios

Michelle & Jeffrey Cobble have a deep respect and love for nature and animals. Together, they have dedicated their time attempting to communicate this through their photography. From the Everglades in Florida to the wilderness of Alaska, their passion is documenting the natural beauty of America and its wildlife.

They take pride in being involved in every step of their work. From photographing, printing, mounting, framing, and retailing; they do it all.

Michelle & Jeffrey moved to Seward 6 years ago, and in 2019 they purchased the Historic Brown & Hawkins storefront. The iconic building now acts as their photography gallery and an Alaskan artist co-op showcasing works from handmade jewelry, fine art, glassware, woodworking pieces, felted work, and much more.

They look forward to collaborating with other Alaskan artists and contributing to the creative culture throughout the state.




Chelsea Miller

Chelsea is a wandering artist with roots in Alaska.

She's been creative since day one, but she really found her magic in the moon, mountains, and even robots.

Painting, illustration, writing, and photography are just a few hobbies of hers.

Love and nature have always been the fuel for her inspiration, so she is always on the hunt for new adventures and experiences.

Instagram: @lunabotdesigns



Laura Dewey

I was born and raised in Anchorage. I received a degree in art from the University of Oregon in 2008. I’ve lived most of my life in Alaska and have spent the last couple years living in a cabin in the woods on the Kenai Peninsula.


My paintings are an attempt to capture the natural beauty and scenic landscapes that surround us here is Alaska. I use acrylic paint for my work, trying to replicate the vibrant colors and patterns I see in nature.

When I’m not painting, you can usually find me hiking in the forest, wandering on a beach with my dogs, or fishing on the river.


Please follow me on Instagram to see more of my work, or send me an email for information about commissions and upcoming shows! 


Instagram: @deweyart


Laura Art.jpeg
Laura Art 3.jpeg
Laura Art 2.jpeg

Duke Russel

Duke Russell - Local Artist/ Photographer/ Musician

I am self taught. I've worked in theater production & art departments
for feature films and commercials.


Being a resident of Anchorage for 50 years gives me some insight as to how artists approach the subject with regard to Alaska. I will be looking for original work and clear concepts in these fast moving times.


I love seeing people take time out of their busy life and spending time being creative. I look forward to the entries.


Instagram: @papaduke123