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Signs of the Times

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The robust environment of social media has forever changed the landscape of marketing. But even with all the changes we've seen, there is one tried and true marketing method that has remained the same. The simple sign.

In a world full of businesses and events battling for our attention, nothing stands out quite as well as an intriguing sign. Signs give us the opportunity to show how our company or event is unique and deserving of a second glance. When placed in the proper areas, our signs can draw customers into our place of business and increase our revenue. Since we are drawn to the familiar, a sign can plant the seed for future sales. Best of all, signs can be incredibly affordable. Paper copies of 11x17 signs can be less than a dollar a sign when bought in bulk. A few well placed signs in your store front windows can bring color to your establishment and attract passing foot traffic. Signs can also help spread awareness of your important events. Many businesses have bulletin boards in their entry ways and allow community members to post event signs.

Contact your local copy and print shop today to see how they can help you succeed by using signs in your next marketing campaign.

Rylee cat crawling on a couch.
Rylee can't believe you're not already using signs for marketing!


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